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Thinking of Switching Accountants

Have you been frustrated with your accountant or perhaps your accountant isn’t proactive enough? It may worth considering switching Accountants. Talking someone though your business objectives can give you a new sense of enthusiasm and allow you to gain a new perspective on things you hadn’t even thought of.


You may think it’s a long and tedious process and have been putting it off, but it can actually be quite simple and most definitely rewarding. To ensure the minimum disruption to your operations, we have customised a 4 step process to bring you across.


Introductory Meeting
Contacting your Accountant
Onboarding You
Back to Business

In most instances, we endeavour to get this completed in 2 working weeks!


SH Tax Accountants would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your business, let us make some time to get together and get you back on track.

Why move to us

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Chartered Tax Adviser

The Chartered Tax Adviser designation is an internationally recognised and respected mark of technical excellence and professional integrity representing the pinnacle of the profession.

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Personalized service

None of our clients have the same problems or objectives. We work personally with you to get you closer to your end-goals.

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Upfront pricing

We’ll always provide a quote for the scope of work discussed. We leverage on our efficient staff to get the job done at the agreed price.

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No hidden costs

None whatsoever. With upfront pricing, we clearly state inclusions and exclusions so you will have the peace of mind. We keep it simple and get the job done

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Small team

With a small team of experienced staff, we take on the right number of clients so that our values remain intact.

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After hours Appointments Available

You are busy and life is hectic. We are here to help you achieve your goals, so scheduling in time when you’re at your best, is good for us.

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